Historical GIS for reconstructing the past - 1st Session
Chair: Dr. Noam Levin
Prof. Rehav Rubin (HUJI) - Historical Geography in Israel and its development 0:00:54
Prof. Ian Gregory (Lancaster) - Geographic Information Systems – an overview 0:28:39
Prof. David Bodenhamer (IUPUI) - More than GIS: The emergence of
spatial humanities
Historical GIS for reconstructing the past - 2nd Session
Chair: Prof. David Bodenhamer
Ido Ivri (NLI) - Map libraries and archives in the digital era – The National Library of Israel 0:00:41
Yoav Rofe (amudanan.co.il) - Web interfaces for accessing historical and GIS information on the internet 0:19:33
Prof.Ian Gregory (Lancaster) - The Spatial Humanities project in the UK 0:33:02
Dr. Owen Powell (UQ) - Queensland Historical Atlas: histories, cultures and landscapes 0:56:35
Historical GIS for reconstructing the past - 3rd Session
Chair: Prof. Ian Gregory
Dr. Noam Levin (HUJI) - Assessing the thematic accuracy and completeness of historical maps 0:00:43
Gad Schaffer (HUJI) - Reconstructing Palestine's land-cover from the PEF (1880) map 0:20:31
Dr. Dov Zviely (Haifa) - Using historical nautical charts, maps and aerial photos, for studying coastal morphology processes in Israel 0:40:53
Prof. David Bodenhamer (IUPUI) - Complex visualizations and deep maps 1:02:49
Historical GIS for reconstructing the past - 4th Session
Chair: Prof. Ruth Kark
Prof. Anne Kelly Knowles (Middlebury) - The Geographies of the Holocaust 0:01:26
Dr. Lavi Shai (Yad Ben Zvi) - Historical Photos & GIS: methodological and content issues, demonstrated on the Bab ez-Zahira neighborhood, Jerusalem (1850-1948) 0:31:40
Dr. Mitia Frumin (Lander Institute) - Late 18th century Russian Navy
maps and the first 3D visualization of the walled city of Beirut
Dr. Owen Powell (UQ) - Mapping artesian springs in western New South
Wales, Australia: an analysis of 19th century surveys
Prof. Ian Gregory (Lancaster) - Using texts in GIS: Exploring landscape appreciation through historical writing 1:25:54