Video on Demand (Youtube)


Viewers around the world are able to watch high quality movies, any time, thanks to the Internet accessibility and speed. Online video service at the Hebrew University is promoted and conducted by the Center of Multimedia for many years.

The main idea behind the establishment of the Hebrew University academic-educational Youtube channel is to provide the public, in Israel and abroad, some of the information that is gained in the university and to unveil it to potential students and benefactors. Every day, the Youtube channel serves hundreds of students and viewers all around the globe and exposed them to the academic activities. Furthermore, the channel contains the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive (around 500 movies).
At present, the Hebrew University Youtube channel is the leading channel among all the universities in Israel in the wide variety it offers and the total viewers. The channel is administered by the Multimedia Center.
  •  Above 1,000 movies are available to the viewers from anywhere in the world.
  •  Each week new movies are being upload.
  •  The variety includes research, news, ceremonies, special events, lectures, historical and promotional movies.
  •  The Movies are available in many languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Yiddish and much more.

Watching VOD:

The movies are open the public and located on Youtube website, in a special channel for the Hebrew University.

You have access to the movies from:

  1. The Youtube movie catalog (updated periodically)
  2. The Hebrew University Youtube channel displays a list of the recently uploaded movies and a Youtube search engine.

 It is recommended to register as a member of the Hebrew University Youtube channel and get updates!
Just click on the "subscribe" button which is located next to every movie.
You should prepare in advance a Youtube user name and password.

Uploading a video to the Youtube channel:

 גורמים באוניברסיטה שכבר יודעים שהם מעוניינים שסרטיהם יופיעו ביוטיוב, נא לפעול על פי ההנחיות להכנת הסרטים להעלאה ליוטיוב.

בנוסף ליוטיוב, המרכז למולטימדיה מציע מספר שיטות נוספות להציג וידאו באינטרנט.

ראשית יש לאפיין את קהל היעד של הסרט:

  •  פתוח לקהל הרחב?
  •  לצפיה פרטית של אנשים מסוימים?
  •  לצפייה רק לסטודנטים הרשומים לקורס מסויים?

צרו עימנו קשר ואנו נתאים את השירות הנכון בהתאם לדרישות אלו.

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