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FAQ - Viewers

worldHow to watch live broadcast?

Just click on the following internet address:

clapperWhat's on live broadcast?

Events, ceremonies, lectures and much more. Some events are broadcast on a weekly basis, such as "Madua" and "Shomu Shamaim" Lectures, and are designated to the public. These lectures are broadcast live during the academic school year.

shinaimWhat are the system's requirements in order to watch live broadcast events?

  1. Internet connection (connection speed of 0.5 mega will do the job).
  2. flash25 Adobe Flash Player - 9th version or higher .
  3. wmv25 Windows Media Player - 9th version or higher .
    • Windows operation systems (From Windows XP or higher) include the player.

techicalResolving Problems

  • Turn on the Solution Wizard and follow the instructions. Powered by video_powered_by_castup1
  • In case the Wizard didn't help, you can contact us for assistance.

FAQ - Broadcasters

questionmarkWe would like to broadcast an event/lecture. How can it be done?

The center for multimedia filming crew will film the event, using professional filming equipment, combined with a designated system for internet broadcasting.

mapWhere can it be broadcast?

The event can be broadcast almost everywhere from the Hebrew University campuses. The Live Broadcasting system needs a nearby university network point. We are experienced in broadcasting outside buildings and distant points. A few days before each broadcast, we preform comprehensive testing in cooperation with the relevant parties from the Computation Authority to ensure maximum quality.

peopleHow many viewers can watch the Live Broadcast?

Hundreds of viewers can enter the view site simultaneously and watch the live broadcasting of the event.

dvdIs it possible to save the live broadcast for rerun?

We offer many recording options – DVD, Video tape, computer file and etc. Also, it is possible to upload the event to the university YouTube channel for public or personal view.

multibroadcastIs it possible to broadcast more than one event, simultaneously?

In this stage it is possible to broadcast only one event.


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