Media Services – Backup, Conversion and Replication

Today's technology is changing rapidly and many recording and playing methods have come to an end. Even though, you still got the video tapes and cassettes.

No need to throw them away! The Multimedia Center offers an advanced converting service!


  •  Convert, almost, any type of media (a tape, cd and a file) that was used since the 80's or even before that.
  •  Backup and make additional copies of any type of media.
  •  We recommend backing up in (at least) one of the following media types:
  •  Not sure which type of tape or CD you own?
    ניתן The following photos will help you to identify the right type of media:
Betacam S (שנות ה80-90) 156x96x25mm
Betacam L (שנות ה80-90) 254x145x25mm
CD - Compact Disc (שנות ה90) 120mm קוטר
DVCAM (שנות ה90-2000) 120x90x12mm
DVD (שנות ה2000) 120mm קוטר
MiniDV (שנות ה90-2000) 65x48x12mm
U-Matic (שנות ה70-80) 185x121x30mm
VHS / S-VHS (Super VHS) (שנות ה80-90) 187x103x25mm
VHS-C (שנות ה80-90) 92x58x20mm

  •  Didn't find your tape in the list? Contact us, we'll be glad to assist you!

Computer Files


 We convert tapes and CD's to computer files for:

  •  PowerPoint presentations
  •  Internet upload
  •  Back up
  •  Efficient archiving
We even convert one type of media file to another, or make a DVD from it.

Consult with us regarding the purpose of the media type you want to convert, and we'll recommend the appropriate media type you should convert to.
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