Movies Production


The Center for Multimedia Assisted Instruction is documenting and publishing events on demand. Furthermore, the center for multimedia is filming and broadcasting live from special events which take place in the university campuses, such as Community and Youth Authority on a weekly basis. In addition, many events and movies are preserved and archived in the center's main archive.

The filming unit of the Hebrew University took her first steps in the early 90s. The center was established in order to solve communication issues in the university, in addition to keeping updating the educational methods in a modern and changed period….. Since then, the unit produced hundreds of movies.

The center for multimedia purchases the finest and most modern equipment and employs the best professionals in the field.

We produce a wide variety of movies, such as:

Documentaries of research and developments in the university

Scientific movies


Educational movies

Projects promoting education in Israel

Promotional movies

University honored tribute movies

Among the unit's activities, it is important to mention the close cooperation between the center for multimedia and the department of media relation and the division development and public relations. This cooperation yields movies productions, such as university publicity and information films, research and development promotion films to raise donations in all the university campuses and events, such as the Board of Governors.

One of the most eminent projects recently made by the center for multimedia is the "Witnesses and Education" project, a joint production of the International School for Holocaust Studies and the Multimedia Center. In this series, 7 films were produced in which the survivors recounted their life stores - before, during and after the Holocaust. Each title was filmed on location, where the events originally transpired, mainly in concentration camps or hiding places, such as forests or Christian homes. These films are shown to youth, soldiers and students at Yad Vashem, broadcasted on TV channels, and were translated into foreign languages for worldwide education institution's viewing.

Movies Production Filming Department