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The Center for Multimedia films courses and lectures for the university faculties, departments and a variety of research institutes. Hundreds of lectures and lessons have been filmed in the past:

dvdThe lectures can be copied to a wide range of media, such as DVD, Video tape or a computer file. Furthermore, it is possible to upload the movie to the internet, publicly (The University's Youtube channel) as well as to private groups.

In addition, there is an option to broadcast lectures live – both in the internet, as well as a closed circuit viewing in the university.

 A few selected examples:

"Madua" & "Shomu Shamaim" Lectures


שתי סדרות ההרצאות של המרכז לפיתוח קשרי אוניברסיטה-קהילה מתקיימות אחת לשבוע במהלך שנת הלימודים ופתוחות לקהל הרחב. כל הרצאה מועברת על ידי אחד מבכירי החוקרים בישראל ובעולם, בנושא אחר.
כל ההרצאות משנת 2005 ואילך מצולמות, משודרות בשידור חי באינטרנט וזמינות לצפייה באינטרנט.

אתר המרכז לפיתוח קשרי אוניברסיטה-קהילה: הרצאות "מדוע", הרצאות "שומו שמים!"

The "Cornerstone" Program

The Cornerstone Program exposes all students to the many fields of knowledge that exist at the Hebrew University, including those outside the student's main fields of studies, as is common at the leading world universities.  Last year the program started with 44 courses in Mt. Scopus and in the Edmond J. Safra Campus. It was well accepted by the many students that enrolled to the courses.

Examples for filmed courses:

Visiting Lectures at the Hebrew University


To watch in high quality: when the movies starts, if in the lower-left corner "240p" is written, click on it and choose 480p or a higher option, if there is one.

Prof. Stephen Hawking - The Origin of the Universe, 2006.

Prof. Daniel Kahneman - The Seymour Fox Memorial Lecture, 2005

More movies are waiting for you at our YouTube Channelyoutube-edu

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