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The center for Multimedia films ceremonies and events in cooperation with the department of media relation, the division development and public relations and other academic units.



The events can be copied to a wide range of media, such as DVD, Video tape or a computer file. Furthermore, it is possible to upload the movie to the internet, publicly (The University's Youtube channel) as well as to private groups.

In addition, there is an option to broadcast events live – both in the internet, as well as a closed circuit viewing in the university.

A few selected examples:


 To watch in high quality: when the movies starts, if in the lower-left corner "240p" is written, click on it and choose 480p or a higher option, if there is one.

Opening Session of the 73rd Meeting of the Board of Governors 2010

The Board of Governors events are fully documented by the Multimedia Center

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Visit at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Exclusive Interview with Prof. Howard Cedar on Son Joseph Cedar's Win at Cannes


More movies are waiting for you at our YouTube Channelyoutube-edu

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