Video Conference Service


The Multimedia Center offers Top quality Video Conference services.

questionmarkWhat is the purpose of the service?

Video conferencing is designed for situations where two - ways eye contact between remote participants is needed:

  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Meetings

weightAdvantages compared with video calling services (such as Skype)

  • Conference call for up to four remote destinations.
  • Full technical support during the preparations for the call
  • Systems on both sides of the conversation creates a direct connection to each other. There are no servers, navigators or third-party routers that can cause slow loads and lack of availability.
  • The system is completely independent. No other users share the line.
  • HD filming quality for a sharper image.
  • Adjustable camera controlled from where you seat.
  • A quiet and private conference room with occupancy capacity of up to 50 people.
  • IP and ISDN - Connection with maximum destinations in the country and abroad thanks to both technologies in common video calls.
  • Split screen - simultaneously broadcasting the computer display or video.
  • Years of experience with video conferencing systems.
  • An Option to broadcast the call live via the Internet to hundreds of spectators.

mapWhere is the system located?

The system is located in a designated discussions room at the Social Sciences building of Mount Scopus Hebrew University's Campus.

The system can be installed at the same time in other rooms with appropriate infrastructure.

Some functions may be not available and the quality of the call will not reach maximum quality in other rooms.

drag-the-mouserotate the engle by clicking the left key on the mouse while draging it!

peopleWho can use the system?

The system is available to the university staff and students and to private company.

worldWho is able to communicate with the system?

The system is able to communicate with compatible systems worldwide.Such systems typically are located in universities, research institutions and commercial companies.

There are also private companies who rents video conference rooms. Some advanced options may not be available in any conversation.

peopleIs it possible to record the conversation?

Absolutely. We offer the possibility to record the conversation. 
You can save the film in various media (DVD, tape, computer file) and upload it for viewing on YouTube channel of the university and in other ways.


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