Hebrew University 360° Tour

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Control the viewing angle using the buttons:
buttons-arrowsmove in the arrow's direction
buttons-zoom zoom in & out
buttons-skip skip left & right
buttons-play start & stop auto-panning

mouse-arrowsControl the viewing angle by dragging the left mouse button
mouse-zoomzoom in & out using the mouse wheel

System Requirements

1. one of the following web browsers or above:
Firefox 3.0 ff
Internet Explorer 7.0 ie
Safari 3.0 sa
Opera 9.0 op
Google Chrome 2.0 gc

2. flash Adobe Flash Player version 9.0 and above

3. Screen resolution of 1280x1024 and above - recomended

for further help

please contact The Center for Multimedia Assisted Instruction
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
phone: +972-2-5883221/9 fax: +972-2-5881150